A German vegetable company has shown that it is possible to reduce the area under cultivation by 99% and the consumption of water by 95% without using pesticides or chemicals through vertical agriculture.

Together with SSI Schaefer, this company has built highly automatic vertical gardens using its SSI LOGIMAT solution, a vertical warehouse that provides the necessary conditions for its crops.

SSI LOGIMAT provided the necessary technological platform, physical solutions in the form of storage and storage systems, and suitable software that could be integrated into the company's own software solutions. The result is a solution that is up to 400 times more efficient than traditional agriculture and that allows growing in a 25 m² area, the equivalent of what is grown in 8,000 m².

Vertical agriculture has multiple advantages: it brings the product closer to the consumer, considerably shortens the supply chain, and thus the need for transport and CO₂ emissions, in a context in which climate change, together with the depletion of resources, the loss of ecosystems and biodiversity, are a fact. It also means consumers have better access to fresh, nutritious, and diverse food, and a new generation of farmers have better paid and higher quality jobs, the founders of the company emphasized.

SSI Schaefer will attend Ifema Madrid's Logistics & Automation event that will be held on October 26 and 27.


Source: financialfood.es