Elevate Farms Inc., a vertical farming company ‎raised C$26 million through a series of investments worldwide.  

Amin Jadavji, CEO of Elevate Farms stated, "Brightspark's return as a significant investor in our most ‎successful period of fundraising, along with the election of Douglas Janzen to our Board at the last ‎meeting of shareholders, speaks to the exceptional growth of profile and institutional support, both ‎internally and externally, Elevate has received in the capital markets industry. We are now exceptionally ‎well capitalized and buoyed by outstanding institutional backing through commercial and corporate ‎governance expertise."

‎‎"The farming industry is going through massive changes as the effects of weather change, ‎standardization and modernization are rapidly becoming reality. Elevate Farms' solution addresses the market need and its unique approach sets ‎it up for market leadership. We are very excited by the prospects of the company," said Mark Skapinker, Partner at ‎Brightspark. 

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