The elevated urban farming company is quickly approaching the “move-in” date into its showcase facility at the Calgary Tower Center and answers the question of to whom they will supply a plethora of their products to.

Agriplay, under a confidential agreement with an international import & exporter of fresh fruits & vegetables, has received a “Letter of Intent” for the purchase of fresh produce produced at its showcase facility at the Calgary Tower. Formally securing fresh produce on its international sourcing hub that will ultimately be purchased for distribution to Western Canada.

Agriplay Ventures is a vertical farm & technology company. “This is a fantastic milestone and a great partner for not only our showcase facility but also upcoming facilities and licensee facilities that will be announced over the next few weeks. We now have multiple purchasers for our crops in place that can scale with us as we work to convert almost 4 million square feet of real estate in Calgary, Edmonton, and beyond into productive indoor farms,” says Dan Houston, President of the Company.

Agriplay systems can grow almost any variety of fresh fruit and vegetable, uses up to 3 times less energy, and is up to 40 times more scalable than traditional vertical farms. The company is currently working on converting over 2.67 million square feet of commercial real estate into productive vertical farms in the Calgary market, supplying previously imported greenhouse vegetables to the Alberta market.

“This new relationship not only validates our sales model but also secures future sales for Agriplay at the same time. This growing partnership is not only with one of the largest international wholesale distributors of fresh produce but it is also with one of the largest distributors of agricultural sales data. This data is a powerful strategic resource which helps us in determining where the need to install new facilities is and aids our territorial licensees in determining what to grow,” says Dan Houston, President of the company.

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