Fischer Farms are close to opening their new site in Norfolk. Northern Polytunnels are proud to be working alongside the team, supplying and constructing the 20 individual bays required for the growing areas.

The ground-breaking farm will house 25,000 m2 of growing space – That's enough to supply 6.5 tons of leaf salad (e.g., rocket, lettuce, spinach), leafy herbs (e.g., basil), and other fresh produce to UK supermarkets and manufacturers every day.

Northern Polytunnels have been paramount in the building process of this 4-acre site, designing, manufacturing, and constructing the 20 individual bays that will house the vertical farms, providing the same amount of growing space as 1000 acres of conventional farmland.

Powered by 100% renewable energy, the revolutionary vertical farm will produce the freshest, longest lasting, safest, most consistent, and highest quality British Grown produce all year round.

Thomas Wolfenden, Design Director of Northern Polytunnels, said;
"When we were first approached by Fischer Farm, we embraced the opportunity to design and construct such a bespoke and complex structure."

"We knew that we could deliver this project alongside the team at Fischer Farms, we're proud to say we have achieved the goals that have been set, and we can't wait to see the facility start producing."

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