Today, the way we produce food is undermining the potential to feed ourselves in the future. Many of the critical challenges the world is facing are affected by food production, including climate change, water shortage, deforestation, forced labor, and corruption. That is why the world needs to treat food security and affordability as critical issues for global prosperity and well-being.

However, change is possible with the help of emerging production technologies, offering more plant-based alternatives, and smarter supply chains. Communication, intelligent use of data, and informed engagement with consumers are at least as important. This requires a change of mindset, and only companies with purpose will be ready to handle it.

In this report, we review options to improve food sustainability by influencing diet choices at the consumer level, pricing for the true externalities of non-sustainable food, ways to minimize food loss across the entire value chain by leveraging advanced technologies, as well as the application of the latest farming and food production techniques. 

The environmental impact of food across the globe

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