The Georgia agriculture industry continues to grow, and Gov. Brian Kemp said it’s his mission to keep it on top. Gov. Kemp spoke about his goals with farmers on Tuesday at the 44th Sunbelt Ag Expo.

“Agriculture is by far the number one industry in the state. It’s a very diverse industry, as you can imagine. From traditional row crops, as you said, see a lot of in this part of the state and South Georgia,” Kemp said.

Kemp said the youth’s role in agriculture will be vital in its growth going forward.

“Well, that’s probably one of the biggest challenges in farming right now is the average age of the farmer. I think it is in the mid-50s. So we need more young people to get involved in farming,” he said. “You’re not being encouraged by what I’m seeing out there because I think young people in today’s world, they’re worried about what they’re eating. They’re worried about where it comes from and whether it’s going to be good for them or not. And I think that’s opened up a lot of doors for the vertical farming industry, organic farm.”

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