Farmers could take legal action to block government plans to set up a vertical-farming industry on the island. The Bermuda Farmers Association is “addressing the legal path towards presenting an injunction” against the proposal.

In an interview with The Royal Gazette last week, David Burt, the Premier, revealed that “a deal has been done“ to develop a vertical-farming industry in Bermuda, which was due to go before the Cabinet imminently.

But the BFA said that Mr. Burt’s comments raised more questions than answers and that island farmers should have been consulted about the project. A spokesman for the association said: “What are the details, please? Has a deal been actually signed without approval by Cabinet? What taxpayers’ funds are being committed? Where is the consultation with the growers and those in the Government who actually work in this area?”

The association also questioned the Premier’s claims that vertical farms had the potential to boost food production. The spokesman said: “The micro-greens that were mentioned as the crops to be grown represent a very small percentage of food items consumed in the fruit and vegetable sector. Can the Premier elaborate?

Mr. Burt’s claim that a vertical-farming industry would create jobs — the scheme is one of four central planks in the Government’s Economic recovery Plan — was also questioned. The spokesman said: “Bermudians presently do not choose to work in the farm sector. Why will this be different with a new venture?”

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