Ecological packaging is becoming more important for both importers and consumers. Adam Sikorski, sales manager of Polish packaging company SoFruPak, states the company is very happy with their new packaging: “This year, we have improved our main series of SoFruMiniPak EV+ packaging by enlarging the window in the lid, and we have made them better patent protection, so now it will be more difficult to copy them. At this point, we offer the most ecological packaging on the EU market. We have introduced a new series of HandyPak packages with a fold-out handle. They are ingenious direct-selling packaging that reduces the use of plastic bags. These packages were displayed at the Innovation Hub during Fruit Attraction 2022. Every year we introduce new products to our offer, and we are currently working on what we will sell in 2024.”

Although costs have also increased for the packaging company, their cooperation with clients has resulted in security, Sikorski explains. “Rising raw material costs and now energy costs are a serious problem for everyone and every industry, so they do not only concern fruit packaging. We have no influence on these costs, but we try to look for savings and indicate the benefits of cooperation with us. We have a modern energy-efficient machine park, the oldest machine is only two years old. Our capacity is about 250,000 pieces of packaging per day. Since we are the European leader in the production of ecological packaging, our suppliers care about cooperation with us. Therefore, they must meet the conditions that we require from them. That is why we offer fruit producers our packaging with individual imprints with a production date of up to 30 days. We win with quality, time, and price. Therefore, we’re not feeling the problems that some others are experiencing.”

Not only is the packaging of SoFruPak free of plastic, but it’s also 100% biodegradable, says Sikorski: “We specialize in the production of packaging dedicated to berries. We were the first to see the Plastic Free trend in the EU a few years ago. We then invested in the development of ecological packaging. For the production of our packaging, we use only renewable raw materials and water-based paints and adhesives. That is why our packaging is 100% biodegradable within 24 weeks, making it the most ecological on the market.”

SoFruPak’s packaging can be used for a wide variety of fruits, and the company often changes shapes and dimensions to suit the client’s needs. “We started with packaging for strawberries, and we sell these the most, capacities range from 250g to 1kg. This season, we produce a lot of packaging with a blueberry print. We started offering packaging for cherries and cherry tomatoes. We also have special solutions for mushrooms and asparagus. Thanks to the participation in a large number of fairs, producers of physalis, litchis, mini bananas, and other exotic fruits find us easily. We often create new shapes, dimensions, and capacities of packaging, and there is still a lot to offer in the packaging market. We try to show trends and technical solutions, for which we have been awarded at numerous international fairs. This is something that we are very proud of,” Sikorski concludes.

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