"Glowfarms' communication channels have been silent for some months now. However, a lot has happened since we released the statement about building our first large-scale farm in the Netherlands," the company shares on LinkedIn.

"Unfortunately, these events have had a negative effect on the future of the company and have resulted in Glowfarms having to cease all its activities. Therefore, we are saddened to tell you that after 2,5 years, Glowfarms will be disincorporated with immediate effect."  

"The problems started this summer with a growing uncertainty regarding the efficient production of crops, mainly due to rising energy prices. Meanwhile, pressure on the Glowfarms team kept increasing because of external influences. Within a few months, the Glowfarms team ran out of time and could not find sufficient funds anymore to survive these difficult times." 

"In spite of this disappointing ending to a promising concept, we are still grateful to everyone who has helped us get so far and especially our partners, investors, and suppliers. With your help, we managed to build a large proof-of-concept farm and get many people involved and passionate about vertical farming in general." 

"Glowfarms team members and founders will each go their separate ways and will continue to make the world a little more sustainable."

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