There are reports of significant layoffs at Iron Ox, an agriculture technology company that uses robotics to customize care for plants. Many now-former employees have posted on social media about the layoffs.

While it’s unclear exactly how many employees have been laid off, numerous posts indicate Iron Ox let go of roughly half of its employees. Iron Ox also laid off a smaller number of employees a few months ago, according to other posts from former employees.

Iron Ox isn’t the only company feeling financial pressure lately. Fifth Season, another agricultural technology company, closed down last week, according to reporting from the Pittsburgh Business Times. Fifth Season used robotics to grow leafy greens in vertical farms. The greens would be distributed in salad kits sold at grocery stores. The company employed around 100 workers.

Also, last week, autonomous driving company Argo AI shut down. Some of Argo AI’s around 2,000 employees would either be receiving offers from Ford or Volkswagen, which were the two primary financial backers of Argo AI.

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