Having an established relationship with NTNU, the renowned Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and is one of the partners in their innovation center, The Mine, Element Logic recruits students each year from NTNU to participate in the summer internship program. This initiative has the ambition of letting our technology and competence meet the minds of young and bright students and together create and inspire new solutions.

"Being a part of the previous internship in 2021, I was expecting challenging yet exciting tasks as well as a good environment where I could learn from groundbreaking technology. The overall task was very exciting – even though I did not have any explored interest in vertical farming, or plants in general, before the internship, this summer changed that. I have been introduced to a whole new field that I did not see the point of before now. It has been awarding to work with something that has such great potential for the future", says Mithila Packiyanathan, one of the veteran summer interns following a master's degree in cybernetics and robotics at NTNU.

The students started the program in June and concluded their work in August, two months later. The preparation and introduction to the task were thoroughly planned by Element Logic together with a partner. The students were introduced to plants and the technical aspect with an introduction to vertical farming and visiting an actual strawberry farmer, as well as getting insights into the business aspect of farming vertically. The students, coming from technical backgrounds, appreciated looking at the task from different angles.

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