Elevate Farms announces the appointment of Brad ‎Katsuyama and Nikolas Oetker to its Advisory Board.  ‎

Nikolas has a long history of experience with major global food production ranging from manufacturing ‎operations in China to most recently European Marketing.  ‎

Brad was previously Chief Executive Officer, and is currently Chairman, of the Investors Exchange (IEX ‎Group, Inc.), a stock exchange founded in 2012 in order to mitigate the effects of high-frequency ‎trading. IEX was launched as an US national securities exchange in September, 2016 and Brad acted as ‎CEO of the IEX from its founding and remains Chairman today. ‎

Amin Jadavji, CEO of Elevate Farms stated: "Elevate has been quietly developing unique scaleable ‎technology in the vertical farming sector aimed at supplying directly into existing distribution channels. ‎With the launch of our first US farm, we expect to quickly accelerate global expansion and pursue our ‎goal of providing high quality leafy greens to the masses. Both Nikolas Oetker and Brad Katsuyama ‎are ‎exceptionally qualified to help Elevate Farms navigate this path."‎

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