The University of Louisville Dining has started something new, expanding its menu and sustainability with a new tool bringing fresh food to campus. Since October, the university started growing its own food in a greenhouse kept in one of its dining halls and began harvesting last week.

Louie's Greenhouse is a micro farm where over 40 different types of microgreens, herbs, lettuces, and more can be grown inside the Ville Grill. When harvested, the greens are incorporated into meals created for students. "We have starving people in our own town, and they're not able to get to this food, so I wanted to come back to school and figure out how to be part of that solution," said Sarah Bosse, Sustainability Dining intern.

Bosse takes care of the micro farm and said getting access to a resource like this on campus has been monumental. "I really believe in the new wave of what we're going to do in agriculture, especially in urban agriculture," she said. "So by having this farm, we really showcase what's capable."

"We're actually growing about half an acres worth of produce here versus having to use that amount of land and having to brave the elements and all of those fun things," Bosse said. "We can actually just do it in a cabinet, so it's great."

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