An idea to combine the Government’s emphasis on vertical farming with the future of Bermuda’s cash-strapped football clubs has been hailed by an international football legend. A 40-person thought leadership round table hosted by the Bermuda Football Association focused on the concept of establishing a network of small-scale vertical farms at local football clubs in Bermuda “to go beyond football.”

It was part of the SDG Disrupter Summit in connection with Bermuda Tech Week, addressing local challenges through technology and social solutions. The event organizer, Kevin Richards, managing director of Bermuda Asset Management, said: “Our objective for the event was to have meaningful discussions with local leaders in the public and private sectors.

“We leverage the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) as a common language that leaders can use to galvanize our community and align around common objectives.

The BFA round table is designed to have a positive impact on local communities across the island by deploying innovative solutions directly into the communities. Local club presidents were joined by representatives of the Bermuda Government, including Vance Campbell, the Minister of Tourism and Cabinet, Ernest Peets, the former Cabinet minister, and Drew Pettit, the director of the environment and natural resources.

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