Throughout the pandemic, supply chain issues have crippled the hospitality industry for everything from ketchup to soya sauce. Now in the tail end of 2022, outrageously priced lettuce has become the new normal. Heat stress caused by extreme temperatures in California is making life hard for crops like lettuce, and that is forcing local restaurants to make some big decisions.    

Jason Heaton, owner of JD Southern Smokehouse in the South End, has responded to the sticker shock by pulling all salads from his menu. “This week, I went back on my app, and a case of romaine is now costing $210,” he said. “Last week, it was less. Nobody can afford lettuce at these prices. It is more cost effective for me to offer two-for-one wings than offering a small caesar salad to customers.”

Sandra and Dale Bonnis at the Colonial Inn in Coniston have also removed salads. “Not only have salads disappeared from the menu, but also three wraps that require lettuce,” they told “It is too bad as our caesar salad is very popular thanks to our homemade dressing.”

Heaton said he’s receiving word that many big restaurant franchises are considering pulling lettuce from their menus, too. Swiss Chalet headquarters informed customers by tweet last week that salads are off the menu.

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