Edwin Snabel recently joined Bosman Van Zaal in the Netherlands as a Technical Sales Consultant for the Indoor Farming Solutions department. In this capacity, he and his colleague Jacob Boxhoorn will be responsible for the further expansion and development of this fast-growing department, which operates internationally.

Solid background
Snabel is an expert in the field of HVAC, which stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. These three sub-areas together determine the climate in a closed area. Since 2007 he has been active in the international horticultural sector in positions related to climate and refrigeration technology. It is precisely this specific knowledge that has led him to become a leader in the world of CEA - Controlled Environment Agriculture over the years. His knowledge, combined with Bosman Van Zaal's expertise in the field of Vertical Farming, means that this company can deepen and develop its Indoor Farming Solutions specialization even faster.

Indoor growing solutions
Since 1921, Bosman Van Zaal has been developing and producing technical solutions for companies and institutions from all over the world, such as growers and research institutions. About 30 years ago, the potential of indoor farming became increasingly clear, and the company started to focus intensively on techniques for this cultivation method based on the knowledge it had gathered over the years. The starting points: maximum control over all growing conditions, savings on energy consumption, maximum hygiene, and control over all parts of the cultivation process. This vision of the past has led to the company now being known worldwide for its leading solutions for cultivation in closed spaces.

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