Entrepreneur Giuseppe Battagliola from Brescian, Italy, the well-known innovator of the IV range, launched a new vertical farming project. Giuseppe, the founder of "La Linea Verde" and a historic entrepreneur in the panorama of the fruit and vegetable sector, now leads a new initiative, Kilometro Verde, an innovative startup in the vertical farming sector.

Giuseppe entered the fruit and vegetable sector in 1991 when La Linea Verde was founded. The natural propensity towards innovation and awareness of the strategic importance of diversification led him to decide to invest in the startup Kilometro Verde Vertical Farms in 2021. 

Kilometro Verde has an agreement with a leading energy producer/distributor to create a 10 Megawatt solar field. The reduction of the carbon footprint is also pursued through environmental mitigation and recycling understood in its broadest concept—all to create a company based on a circular economy. 

The objective of the R&D phase of the project was to devise a plan that included precise goals regarding future production. Distinctiveness, goodness, food safety, and an appropriate quality-price ratio were all taken into account to position themselves in the reference market, the IV range.

This strategy reveals the intention to not aim at a smaller segment in the market but rather at a much larger cut. The project was developed together with a large seed company and a strategic partner in order to obtain plants that are more suitable, distinctive, and perform better. 

"Hydroponics and Vertical Farms possess a series of unique values and eco-sustainability elements, which is why they blend perfectly with the vision and values ​​I have cultivated throughout my life. With this project, we want to position ourselves within a new product category," concludes Giuseppe Battagliola. 

Source: GreenRetail News (in Italian)