Soon the construction of a new in-store farm will start, namely at the Ica Maxi Ängelholm in Sweden. 

"We strive to offer a range of locally produced and sustainable products as far as possible. With Swegreen's growing solution, we have the opportunity to give our customers an exciting overall experience. The fact that they can also buy the crops that grow behind the glass feels extra grand," says store manager Sebastian Damréus.

Sebastian and his colleagues had heard of hydroponics before, but were pleasantly surprised and fascinated when they came into contact with Swegreen. "We were amazed that Swegreen's growing solution allows us to grow a lot in only about 60 square meters. The fact that it also produces leafy greens that both taste better and are more nutritious than traditionally grown ones is obviously a big plus. Add to that the whole sustainability aspect and we felt this was something we had to look into," says Sebastian.

A decision that in turn led to Ica Maxi Ängelholm investing in the "Freja" growing solution, which is currently Swegreen's largest platform. On 60 sqm, Ica Maxi Ängelholm will be able to grow and harvest up to 450 crops per day, around the clock, all year round.

"Even though the climate here in the south is favorable, we are now completely dependent on imported crops," Sebastian laughs. "Something that will be drastically reduced now that we'll be growing our own leafy vegetables and herbs. It feels important to be able to contribute to maximum sustainability with everything from reduced carbon emissions to grow in a fully circular system that has a minimal environmental impact."

"We currently have no date nailed down but will sit down and plan for installation and start-up after the holidays. We feel happy and proud to be part of establishing Skåne's first shop cultivation. And of course, we hope that more people will see the benefits of investing in their own cultivation in the shop or restaurant," concludes Janne Andersson, Global Sales Director at Swegreen.