On a sunny morning in Mayange Sector, Bugesera district, Doreen Karehe is busy supervising one of the greenhouses in which juicy strawberries are growing in hydroponics.

The 32-year-old is a trained lawyer who has substituted her legal gown to focus on horticulture, particularly growing strawberries, a specialty crop which many Rwandan farmers don’t focus on, yet the demand is readily available.

Just when you thought being a lawyer was a prestigious vocation, you would be shocked to learn that Karehe picked the greenhouse over the courtroom, and so far, no regrets.

In 2020, Karehe and business partner Aline Gaju founded Germin8 Rwanda, a company that uses hydroponics to grow delicious strawberries in a nutrient solution mixed with water.

They were among the pioneers of hydroponics, a type of horticulture farming and a subset of hydroculture that involves growing plants, usually crops or medicinal plants, without soil.

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