On January 24, 2023, Ecobloom will be holding its first virtual event all about multispectral imaging. During this event, attendees will learn more about this tool that identifies problems before the human eye can and quickly resolves issues that may have eventually led to crop waste and lost revenue.

Ecobloom is a Swedish AgriTech startup that empowers people within the CEA industry to make informed decisions with their farm's data. 

This workshop-like event will be an opportunity to interact with this new cutting-edge agricultural technology and gain a deeper knowledge of the science behind how it works and what it does. Experts from the Ecobloom team and the industry will walk you through how to best implement/ adapt to changes in the indoor farming world, training growers and farmers while making the most out of the technology available today.

Attendees registered before January 10, 2023, receive a 50% EcoSense subscription discount. Register your attendance here.

The Ecosense dashboard

What does it entail?
Ecobloom's products and services aid the growth and expansion of indoor farms by reducing costs and lowering risk. One of the ways this is done is through EcoSense, a smart sensory and decision support system for all types of indoor farms.

Along with the software, EcoSense comes with three different environmental sensors (air, water, and camera nodes), which gives growers a holistic understanding of the conditions of their crops compared to other existing sensor systems available in the market today.

Of the three different environmental sensors available, the CameraNode works by using multispectral imaging. This is used for identifying sickness and deficiencies in crops, growth tracking, harvest predictions, and improving their overall quality. All insights are accessible and visualized on the EcoSense dashboard, empowering farmers with information to decide the best course of action.

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