MyCo Planet, an urban mushroom farm in North KC, emerged from a basement. Robin Moore’s basement, specifically. When Moore could not purchase the mushrooms she sought to cook and consume, she resorted to growing them on her own. 

“I’ve always loved digging in the dirt, although I’m a rare breed—I love to clean, too,” says Moore.

Perhaps she embodies the antidote to the post-pandemic immune system. She delicately balances exposure and prevention—a parallel to the sterilization-inoculation dance of mushroom farming. 

Moore’s academic background is in biology, paleontology, and geology. While her former lab experience primed her for the sterilization components of mushroom growing, her upbringing in northern Missouri primed her for digging through the dirt. She grew up foraging for mushrooms and growing fresh food, so she’s been inoculating herself for years. She admits that it took her some time to recognize that not everyone has been raised with the same grasp of sustainability.