Downtown could be a site for a hydroponic container farm to grow kale initially, and additional produce later, for Salvation Army participants and its food pantry. The Salvation Army of Northeast Florida and city utility JEA are working on a deal with Boston-based Freight Farms to grow produce in “a hydroponic, vertical farming environment” container called Greenery S.

Freight Farms would set up a shipping container “smart farm” on a vacant lot at the Salvation Army campus and shelter at 900 W. Adams St., at Adams, Lee, Davis, and Houston streets.

Maj. Keath Biggers, Northeast Florida Salvation Army area commander, said it would be a way to grow produce for the organization’s kitchen to serve participants at its Tower Centers of Hope at 140 N. Davis St. and also for its food pantry.

“It is not a done deal. It is in negotiation, but we hope and pray we can make it work,” Biggers said on January 30. He said the Salvation Army is talking about an agreement with JEA and then would need approvals from the Salvation Army’s divisional and corporate offices.