"We are proud that we are one of the market leaders in Romania for microgreens and culinary decoration, supplying year-round. Delivery conditions and product quality is extremely important. That's why we are developing our coverage area nationwide through Green Hubs. Our proprietary vertical farm technology is going to get scaled up through large farming units," Cristian Tudor, Founder and CEO of UltaGreens Romania. 

Ultragreens is Romania‚Äôs largest microgreens- and aromatic herbs grower, setting goals to develop technologies and know-how to enhance the health benefits of all current crops. They supply microgreens, edible flowers, culinary decorations, aromatic plants, and also leafy greens. Besides that they sell their in-house developed technology via FaaS (Farm as a Service) solution for retail and B2B. 

"The interest in our self-developed technology is huge and if things go well we foresee an expansion that will go beyond European borders. If we succeed, this will be our small contribution to strengthening Romania as a center of innovation," Cristian adds. 

Cristian Tudor

Food access for all
Simultaneously, the team is preparing for the opening of a Green Hub in the heart of the Bulgarian capital. Cristian gives away that Ultagreens is in discussion to export their products to other countries. Greens are currently sold for 1 euro, which is similar to imported goods in the supermarket. 

"Our strategy is to provide more sustainable and localized agricultural production, while our vision is to make healthy food available for everybody. And our self-designed vertical farms can ensure this," Cristian affirms. 

New projects
In 2022, the first industrial vertical farming project was launched in SEE: Kaufland Green Hub by Ultragreens, with a distributed plant-growing surface of 1,250 sq m and a production of 60 tons. Yet, the Green Hubs can be supplied at any size as they're mostly dedicated to a market or large consumer.

In 2023 the company is planning to launch the largest Green Hub to date. The Hub is fully automated and comprises 6500m2 with a ground footprint of 864m2. At this point, Ultragreens is expanding its footprint domestically by adding new Green Hubs, as well as internationally. The team has taken its product to Bulgaria and supplied two modular farms in Kaufland Sofia.

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