After participating in Abu Dhabi’s Hub71 incentive program and expanding significantly into the red-hot MENA agtech market, iFarm has announced the relocation of its global HQ from the EU to the UAE.

The move comes at a moment of intense investment growth in the Gulf region’s agtech industry, which is bolstered by significant government support programs. With a predominance of arid soils and low water resources, GCC countries rely on imports to feed their population’s growing demand for fresh, healthy food.

Moving the headquarters to UAE is part of iFarm’s major expansion into the Middle East, but the company plans to use this base to extend its reach into the Asia-Pacific region as well. 

“We’ve started in Indonesia, but we already have requests from the Philippines and Singapore,” Chizov said. “This is a goal, that we work from our headquarters in the MENA region and work with Asia Pacific also.”

With some studies showing that 86 million people in the MENA region are insufficiently supplied with healthy food, iFarm’s growth in that part of the world is just beginning.

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Irina Rybalko, Brand Manager