An indoor vertical hydroponic modular farming system in the heart of Timmins is equipped to produce fresh, nutrient-dense vegetables year-round, making any day a harvest day.

"We really want to make sure that we have nutrient-rich food," said Marc Rodrigue, owner of Borealis Fresh Farms.

"Not that every plant is not nutrient-rich or other foods are not nutrient-rich, but it's just when you're talking about food miles, and you're looking at kale you get from Texas, for example, by the time it gets harvested and shipped and exposed to all the environmental toxins, the diesel fuel, the this, the that- we just wanted something a little bit cleaner."

The farm is located in the middle of Timmins, where it can reach people whose access to fresh food is limited. "We are onsite on a district social services administration board property, next to a senior building, and it's kind of nice to have the seniors there, and there's a school next door, and there's an income housing just done the street as well," Rodrigue said.