Speaking at the AeroFarms Ag Tech Innovation Summit in Abu Dhabi, Controlled Environment Agriculture Alliance Executive Director Tom Stenzel urged global stakeholders to support increased investment and government collaboration to advance CEA production as a cornerstone of future sustainable agriculture.

“While private equity investment has driven much of the early support for CEA producers, the United Arab Emirates government model of clearly setting sustainability targets and investing in the sector needs to be adopted more globally, including in the United States,” Stenzel said.

CEA Alliance Executive Director Tom Stenzel speaks at the AeroFarms Ag Tech Summit in Abu Dhabi

“As Congress begins consideration of the 2023 Farm Bill, indoor agriculture needs to become a vital part of every Farm Bill title,” he said.  “In addition, tax policy that provides incentives for private sector investment can be critical in meeting our goals for sustainability, climate-smart agriculture, and nutrition security.”

The CEA Alliance is a membership trade association representing and serving indoor vertical farms and high-tech greenhouse producers, their supplier business partners, and their customers.  Members work together through the CEA Alliance to advance the sector through public policy advocacy, food safety and sustainability standards, and delivery of the freshest, high-quality fruits and vegetables to consumers.

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