Moleaer will participate in an educational panel discussion, “The Root Zone Conversation – Healthy Roots Equal Healthy Plants,” and also exhibit at the 10th Annual Indoor Ag-Con on February 27-28 in Las Vegas, NV. 

The Indoor Ag-Con is a trade show and conference for indoor/vertical farming and controlled environment agriculture. This year their trade show has doubled in size and has around 134 exhibitors.  

Quality water with high dissolved oxygen concentrations, low pathogen counts, and good nutrient movement is essential to grow healthy, resilient crops. It is well-known in the horticulture industry that more oxygen near the root improves root development and plant resistance to environmental stress. Using Moleaer’s irrigation and greenhouse technology, oxygen nanobubbles are injected into the irrigation water, delivering market-leading oxygen transfer efficiency and nanobubbles that naturally oxidize contaminants and pathogens, control biofilm, and improve nutrient uptake efficiency. 

Indoor farms across the world have seen improved root mass, reduced fertilizer and chemical usage, lower levels of pathogenic growth, and better quality yields with the use of Moleaer’s nanobubble technology.  

Davey Rock

“The Root Zone Conversation – Healthy Roots Equal Healthy Plants” panel will take place on February 27 at 10:00 AM. The panel will discuss tips and tricks to maximize the quality of your root zone. Panelists include Michelle Keller, Head Grower at Living Greens Farms, Nedeljko Basic, Senior Product Manager at Kekkilä-BVB, and Davey Rock, Business Development Manager at Moleaer. Joe Swartz, Vice President at AmHydro, will be moderating the discussion. 

Davey Rock came to Moleaer with a background in the nursery and farming industries. His expertise comes from his extensive experience within the agricultural industry. He grew up on a third-generation farm and ranch and later co-owned and operated a nursery and garden center for over 15 years. Davey managed sales, landscape design and services, and in-house plant cultivation, which later transitioned into organic vegetable production in 11 acres of greenhouses. He has a passion for agriculture and bringing chemical-free nanobubbles to more farmers in the United States.  

Join Moleaer and Davey Rock at the 10th Annual Indoor Ag-Con on February 27-28, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Caesars Forum. Moleaer will be at booth #820, where attendees can learn more about nanobubble technology and its advances in indoor farming.   

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