Recently, the Boise City Council moved to approve annexation for an agricultural facility that its developer says will sustainably produce vegetables and fish near the Boise Airport. 

Greenscale is an indoor controlled environment agriculture facility. The 25,000-square-foot facility would open at 7050 S. Federal Way, north of the Micron campus.

“I’ve been advocating industrial use out in this area. This kind of production is so exciting because it’s unique, and it shows the possibilities of what’s out here,” council member Elaine Clegg said. 

The facility will combine hydroponics, a technique that is used to grow plants using a water-based nutrient solution instead of soil to grow vegetables, with a recirculating agriculture system to raise fish. Recirculating systems clean and filter water for reuse through fish culture tanks.

The system will recycle the effluent from the recirculating agriculture system, which will be used as fertilizer for hydroponics. The application said that about 20% of the building space would hold circular fish-rearing tanks, and the remaining space will house hydroponic grow beds.

“I hope this proof of concept works, and we can do more food production in this way,” Boise Mayor Lauren McLean said.  

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