"As the designer and manufacturer of customized products, we have the flexibility to deliver various sizes of climate equipment to accommodate the area globally. Our air conditioning system can realize a 365 days growing cycle," says Mary Lee, Sales Manager at OptiClimate. 

OptiClimate is a Chinese and global manufacturer specializing in HVACD for indoor growing environments. With its core technology of environmental control, the company has expanded into indoor growing with products ranging from environmental control, lighting, growing facilities, hydroponic controllers, and nutrient solutions. 

Various climate control systems

"With OptiClimate's patented AI-driven climate control systems, growers can easily control the humidity, temperature, lighting, and carbon dioxide levels from any device. Most of the company's customers are in Europe and the United States, requesting hydroponic systems for indoor production," Mary adds. 

"Our modular vertical growing racks could be linked together, and different layers meet different zones and individual needs, maximizing planting in a limited space. Special NFT hydroponic system will save up to 99% water, and automated digital irrigation systems make growing a pleasure," Mary affirms. 

The entire growing package

Aside from cannabis, OptiClimate also has different racking options for microgreens and leafy greens. The entire growing package can be supplied by OptiClimate. In addition to that, all LED lights are dimmable from 0-100% to match different growth stages. 

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Mary Lee, Sales Manager