On Wednesday, March 29, the Pattaya City Expats Club (PCEC) featured speakers on two topics. Pascal Deville, Nutritionist, with the assistance of Regis Vincent, Aquaponics Hardware Asia (AHA), spoke about the aquaponics farming project they are creating in Pattaya. The second speaker was Journalist Patrick Mattimore providing his insights on whether the Press can be objective in their reporting.

Pascal has been in the food supplement industry for 27 years, including 16 years as a nutrition coach and founder of the Pattaya Nutrition Club in 2007. He operates the Health Hut shop with his latest project, in conjunction with AHA, which is an aquaponics farm in the Pattaya area.

Pascal explained that aquaponics refers to the combination of aquaculture and the cultivation of plants hydroponically through a system that replicates the same natural ecosystem found in rivers and ponds. In nature, fish feed on plants, and bacteria convert fish waste into nutrients on which plants grow. It is a continuous process that produces plants without the need for chemicals or pesticides. He then pointed out the benefits of products created through aquaponic systems, including providing the healthiest and freshest possible products, which are tasty and full of nutrients. Further, it is very fresh as the food is produced locally where it is consumed, avoiding nutrient depletion due to storage and transport time.

Pascal then called upon Regis, who went into detail on how to set up an aquaponics farm, both commercially and domestically. He noted that AHA is a technical expert with over seven years of knowledge and experience acquired in their laboratories and production units. Regis described how the aquaponics farm is being developed by Pascal with their assistance here in Pattaya as well as other projects in Asia. He noted that AHA provides technical assistance in designing, building, starting up, and operating commercial aquaponics farms. Further, they also assist those that wish to set up a domestic system for their own house, garden, or any other place.

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