A Kansas City urban farm is trying to change the way we think about where we get our food and what our old buildings can do.

Urban Bounty Farms has moved into an old brewery in the East Bottoms, building 6,000 square feet of growing space in what is a century-old malt room.

“The idea behind Urban Bounty Farms is to take a building that are around the community and repurpose them, make them useful again,” said Urban Bounty Farms Chief Farmer Lena Sleyster. “Create jobs for our community as well.”

The business launched a year ago and already is selling to local restaurants, on grocery store shelves, and donating fresh produce to local shelters and organizations that can get it to people who might not otherwise have healthy food options. “Being able to help the community and knowing that you’re helping the community definitely puts you in a positive attitude all the time,” said Vivyan Oliver.

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