As the week comes to an end, the moment that students on Persell Middle School's Blue Team have waited for has finally arrived: the 'Lettuce Lottery.'

The source? A hydroponic lettuce grow farm stand, lovingly nicknamed 'Flora,' located in Annika Putney's room that was donated to the Persell Garden Club earlier this school year as part of a WholeFoods WholeKids grant.

"'Flora' came to us in the fall, and they sent us the seedlings, too," Putney said. "Our PTA then donated lights so that we could be able to grow from seed year-round."

In addition to lettuce, the stand, maintained by the Garden Club and other helpers from across the building, grows swiss chard, kale, strawberries, parsley, basil, and green onions, and Persell students can't get enough.