GreenTech this year will have a strong program and tackles the big issues of today, such as ‘The road to a zero footprint with hydrogen,’ ‘Cultivation planning with algorithms’, ‘Medical compound production,’ and ‘Future farming.’ GreenTech Amsterdam will take place from June 13 – 15 at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre.

Sneak peek
Tuesday, June 13: ‘Innovation & Concept Awards.’ The winners in the categories Innovation and Concept will be announced during the official opening of GreenTech Amsterdam.

Vision Stage:

  • Tuesday, June 13: ‘Vision on key success factors in a new lettuce project’ by Rijk Zwaan
  • Tuesday, June 13: ‘Challenges and opportunities to move Vertical Farming forward’ by Caterina Carpineti (Wageningen University & Research) and Laura Bautista (Delphy)
  • Wednesday, June 14: ‘Fossil free cultivation concepts, the road to a zero footprint with hydrogen’ by Lennart van der Burg (TNO)
  • Thursday, June 15: ‘Biodiversity, how to create resilient ecosystems worldwide’ by Wageningen University and Research and Leiden University

Technology Stage:

  • Tuesday, June 13: ‘Cultivation planning with algorithms’ by Anna Petropoulou (Wageningen University & Research), Max van den Hemel (Delphy), and Martin Helmich (Hoogendoorn Growth Management)
  • Tuesday, June 13: ‘Complexity in lighting’ by Stijn Jochems (Delphy), Anja Dielemans (Wageningen University & Research), and Theo Tekstra (Fluence)
  • Wednesday, June 14: ‘Autonomous growing, how far have we come’ by Priva and Source

Plant Compound/ Vertical Farming Stage (Partners: Cultivators, FarmTech Society, Vertical Farming Institute, and Indoor Farming Netherlands):    

Plant Compound (Cannabis):

  • Tuesday, June 13: ‘Lights & Buds (best practices from the field)’ by Timo Bongartz (Fluence)
  • Thursday, June 15: ‘Investigating light quantity and quality on morphology and medical compound production’ by Mexx Holweg (Wageningen University & Research)

Vertical Farming:

  • Wednesday, June 14: ‘Indoor growing potential – held back by imperfect consensus?’
  • Thursday, June 15: ‘Future farmers are bi-polar, health nuts, and young?’

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