Deep in the heart of Namulonge, Uganda, a brilliant scientist named Derrick Okware is working tirelessly to transform the way local farmers generate income.

His ground-breaking work in the field of aquaponics is not only generating sustainable income for local farmers but also ensuring that the environment is protected for future generations.

Derrick, who holds a PhD in environmental science, is passionate about the potential of aquaponics to transform agriculture in Uganda and Africa at large. 

Through his work at the Namulonge Agricultural and Animal Production Research Institute, Derrick has been conducting extensive research on aquaponics and its potential applications in Uganda.

He has worked closely with local farmers to develop and refine the technology and has helped establish several successful aquaponics systems in the area, such as Mukono, among other areas.

One of the key benefits of aquaponics is its ability to generate sustainable income for farmers. By growing both fish and plants in the same system, farmers can diversify their income streams and reduce their dependence on traditional crops. This can be particularly beneficial in areas where traditional crops are vulnerable to disease or other environmental factors.

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