Impello® Biosciences has successfully completed its latest market expansion efforts. The move strengthens the team to effectively help growers in all segments of horticulture and agriculture achieve better crop qualities and yields.

As part of its expansion efforts, Impello has secured a new round of financing to accelerate ongoing investments in technology, research, supply chain security, customer support and new product development. The company is especially excited to announce that Steven Hartmeier has joined its team as Chief Operating Officer. In his new role, Hartmeier will be responsible for working with all key Impello management as the company continues to expand its product offerings into new markets. Hartmeier has decades of experience introducing and commercializing products in the biologicals field, with past tenures including President, CEO and Director at mOasis as well as Vestaron Corporation, and President of Suterra LLC. Hartmeier received his B.S. in Plant Science, Vegetable Crops emphasis, from the University of California, Davis.

"Our range of biostimulants benefits nearly all segments of crop production, including ornamentals, fruits & vegetables, cannabis and hemp in multiple stages of the growing process, both for outdoor and greenhouse/CEA production", the team says. 

"At Impello, we've spent years collaborating closely with our customers in the highest-value crop markets to help drive their success stories. Now, we’re ready to bring our knowledge and gamechanging products to a broader audience of horticulture and agriculture growers across North America," says Michael Key, CEO and co-founder of Impello. "Our team is committed to working alongside growers to help them sustainably produce the highest quality crops. With our collaborative approach and cutting-edge tools, we're confident we can help drive positive change in these industries and make a significant impact."

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