Amsterdam-based VaVersa, an indoor garden producer, announced on Monday that it has secured an undisclosed amount in pre-seed round funding from ASIF Ventures and angel investors. 

ASIF Ventures is a student-centric venture capital fund backed by the UvA, the VU, and private investors. It is run by a group of recent graduates and has led investments in Lalaland, GetEase, Workwize, and ten other student-driven firms. 

“We were impressed by the growth and vision of Olivier Francescangeli, the founder of VaVersa, and are excited about this new chapter for ASIF Ventures, and we cannot wait to partner with VaVersa to create a more sustainable and delicious future for the food industry,” says ASIF Ventures. 

Founded by Olivier Francescangeli, VaVersa produces indoor gardens called MIA, which enable chefs to grow over 80 different microgreens and herbs on-site, providing hyperlocal and ultra-fresh ingredients for their dishes. 

The MIA is a vertical farming solution that allows chefs to cultivate rare and expensive herbs and microgreens that would otherwise be hard to come by. It can also help restaurants become more sustainable by reducing their dependence on wholesalers and minimizing the risk of ingredient shortages. 

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