It is a brand-new look for the garden of Trent Wzolek and his wife Dayna McComb in Biggar, Sask., after they built a brand-new geodome in their yard. The special greenhouse allows them to grow vegetables during all seasons, even during the harsh Saskatchewan winters.

Wzolek had been wanting a greenhouse for a while and when he looked around online, he stumbled upon the geodome. A geodome functions like a normal greenhouse, but works during all seasons and its unique shape allows it to withstand up to seven feet of snow.

“The geodome was just a perfect fit for us, considering the Saskatchewan climate we live in and our property size. It looks very nice, too.” Dayna McComb said. The couple had floor heating put in just in case there is not enough sunlight coming in.

“We had it up and running through the winter months — it gets to be 80 degrees in here when it’s 30 below outside. That is with the sun coming through those panels and heating it up in here. So the only time we really had to heat it was when it got dark outside,” McComb said.