Aquaponics is an emerging technology that synergistically combines aquaculture and hydroponic production through nutrient cycling and water recycling. As aquaponics grows exponentially, studies that evaluate the technique by testing different species in these systems make this choice fundamental to result in a high productivity and profitability. Ornamental fish, as well as medicinal plants, are interesting options for a more in-depth analysis of aquaponic systems. In this context, the objective was to analyze the performance of four plant species: boldu chilanum, Peumus boldus; peppermint, Mentha x piperita; Brazilian joyweed, Alternanthera brasiliana; and oregano, Origanum vulgare, as well as the growth of goldfish, Carassius auratus, and physicochemical aspects of water quality in identical aquaponic systems installed in a greenhouse during 91 days of cultivation. The experimental design consisted in four treatments and four replications, using in all treatments a density of 21 fish.310L and four seedlings, in cuttings, of each plant species studied. The vegetable cultivation systems were composed of expanded clay sediments in a 0.25m² planters, using a density of 16 plants.m², repeated, each treatment, in four aquaponic systems, totaling 16 aquaponic systems analyzed. The results showed that, for the parameters of weight and height, of the four plant species studied, only oregano did not develop as expected, while boldu chilanum, peppermint and Brazilian joyweed showed a representative increase in the analyzed parameters. The goldfish also showed representative increase for weight, total and standard length in all treatments. The water quality parameters analyzed did not showed differences between treatments and were within the range recommended by reference authors, as well as for the well-being of the goldfish. The systems have demonstrated efficiency in vegetative and animal growth, and can help to add value to products from aquaponics, corroborating the evolution of technology.

Corrêa, Bernardo & Navarro, Rodrigo. (2023). Tropical Aquaponic Production of Medicinal Plants in Association with Goldfish. Fronteiras: Journal of Social, Technological and Environmental Science. 12. 40-55. 10.21664/2238-8869.2023v12i1.p40-55.