AgroUrbana, a Chilean vertical farming company, has partnered with Aramark Chile, a food and beverage organization, to supply all cafeterias with lettuce grown indoors. The agreement includes the purchase of Lollo Rosso, Romana, Española, and Lollo Bionda varieties. 
"We are always looking for alternatives that allow us to advance in sustainability, not only in our operations but also looking at our chain. Vertical farming is a technique already known in other countries. In particular, these lettuces generate significant water savings, which is a much-needed benefit in the face of the scarcity of this resource," said Bernardita Varas Suárez, Aramark's Sustainability and Communications Manager.
Commercial Manager at AgroUrbana Pablo Bunster Claudet shared, "This agreement is an endorsement of our vision of doing more with less. It also shows that vertical farming is commercially competitive and not a singularity hitherto reserved only for high-income countries."
These types of agreements are placing Chile at the forefront of global solutions to the food challenges of the near future in terms of quality, innovation, and sustainability.

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