Ag tech veteran David Lee has taken on a new role as CEO and Board Chair at Inevitable Tech Inc.

"Inevitable is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to help farmers harness cutting-edge technology to realize urgently needed efficiencies and economies of scale – and we've already started working with partners in controlled environment ag, the most data-rich environment in farming," Lee said. "Even the most advanced CEA farms are looking for a technology partner with the focus and expertise to deliver a transformational effect on their business – from labor costs to quality control, from propagation to harvest."

Inevitable's hardware and software can be used on any type of farm – from indoor hydroponic farms and other "controlled environment agriculture" to open-field farming throughout the United States. Inevitable investors include Breakthrough Energy Ventures, At One Ventures, Zero Carbon Partners, R7 Partners, Amplify Partners, Pathbreaker Ventures, and Eniac Ventures, among others.

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