Delphy is launching Delphy Germany. With that, the company aims to further increase its market share in Germany.

As an important first step, Delphy has engaged a new manager who will set up and supervise the team: Michael Penzkofer. Michael has been with Delphy since May 2023 as head of Delphy Germany. He studied horticulture and obtained his PhD in horticultural sciences at Leibnitz University Hannover. During his studies and his apprenticeship as a gardener, he discovered the great versatility of horticulture, and Michael developed an interest in working with and for plants. At the beginning of his professional career, he, therefore, focused on plant breeding, as this profession connects all topics around plants. Subsequently, Michael held managerial positions in plant production and cultivation consultancy. His area of expertise is herbs and perennials.

Michael is 38 years old, married, has two children, and lives in southern Germany near Augsburg.

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