The home where Russ Demmon and his wife, Mary, live is surrounded by 120 acres of farmland, the Fred Seefeldt farm. Mary’s family has worked and lived there for generations.

A veterinarian for three decades, Russ Demmon, had his own practice in Jackson. When he realized his son and daughter didn’t want to take over that business, he started considering his future. 

“I always wanted to get back into farming,” the West Bend native said. “I worked on a farm in high school, and I always enjoyed it.”

Today he’s a retired veterinarian growing the farm in new directions with Hillside Aquaponics, 9438 County Highway S, Kewaskum. The shift was inspired by a friend from church who introduced them to aquaponics. The Demmons met Matt and Elise Susnik of Lone Duck Farm in West Bend, and they worked with them to learn the basics.   

He began building up Hillside Aquaponics in 2016 while still practicing veterinary medicine. It’s now his full-time passion.