GreenTech, the leading global community for horticulture professionals, is preparing to launch a three-day event that will contribute to the advancement of the industry. Among the participants is The Crew by Bosman Van Zaal.

Renowned for its holistic and turnkey approach, Bosman Van Zaal will showcase its latest developments at GreenTech 2023 throughout the event. The company has devised a wide range of solutions encompassing vertical farming, breeding, plant-based research and development, propagation, forestry, and the production of ornamentals, soft fruits, and vegetables.

To ensure an immersive experience for visitors, Bosman Van Zaal has assembled a team of experts known as The Crew, who will be available at Stand 01.640 every day.

Jacob, the vertical farming expert, and Edwin, the indoor farm and HVAC expert, will demonstrate a vertical farming research cart and engage in discussions on the topic. Additionally, Wouter, the robotics expert, will explore the latest advancements in the field and provide a live demonstration of the pick-and-place robot. Quinten will delve into the world of data and artificial intelligence, emphasizing their significance in horticulture. Robert, the turnkey R&D and cultivation expert, will offer comprehensive insights into the company's solutions.

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