At this year's GreenTech, Grodan showcases the latest innovations and all elements of Grodan's growing solutions. A bonus this year is Grodan's promise of an exciting announcement on June 13, inviting you to stay tuned for what's coming.

Pushing the boundaries
Thomas Peters, Business Development Manager at Grodan, will be one of the speakers on the Technology Stage. He will be sharing Grodan's latest insights regarding cultivating strawberries on stone wool based on extensive trials. In order to explore the possibilities in propagation as well as grow-out, Grodan is working with renowned research institutes that have all the right facilities, equipment, people, and expertise. The latest insights include:

  • The impact of EC and irrigation strategy on young plant quality and subsequent yield in the short-term grow-out trial.
  • Investigation of EC on yield, quality, and shelf life in the production of everbearing varieties such as Favori & Albion. "For us, the key aim is to push the boundaries and do things differently," says Peters.

To find out what you need to know about emerging soft fruit crops, check out the discussion that's taking place on the Technology Stage on June 14 at 14:45.

In-depth knowledge sharing
Additionally, Grodan will participate in panel discussions that will be packed with information and in-depth knowledge sharing on a diverse set of topics:

André van Wageningen, Grodan

  • AndrĂ© van Wageningen, Grodan's Head of Sustainability, will partake in the session related to the regulatory transition to net zero as well as the session discussing transition pathways toward circular material streams, focussing on nutrients and substrates.
  • Gonneke Gerkema, Marketing Director at Grodan, discusses topics related to scalability, operational excellence, and workforce on the Vertical Farming Stage.
  • Frank Janssen, R&D Project Management at Grodan and part of the Cultivation For Compounds Consortium joins the cultivation session during the Cultivation for Compounds event.

Frank Janssen, Grodan

Gonneke Gerkema, Grodan 

This year's GreenTech takes place in the RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands. You can find Grodan on stand 05.340.

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