With strong willpower, Shubha Bhatnagar started the cultivation of saffron in a city like Mainpuri, UP, without soil and water (aerophonic technology) in an air-conditioned hall of five hundred and fifty square feet. His hard work and dedication made his saffron cultivation experiment successful.

As soon as saffron is mentioned, only the name of Kashmir comes to mind. In India, it is cultivated only in Kashmir. Actually, cultivation of saffron is possible only in cold areas and a specific type of soil and in the plains the possibilities of cultivation of saffron are negligible. However, with the help of technology, Shubha Bhatnagar, a resident of Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh, has succeeded in growing saffron in a hall.

Shubha Bhatnagar says that she wanted to do something different. The idea of ​​saffron cultivation came to her mind after watching videos on the internet. For this, she purchased two thousand kilograms of saffron seeds from Pamproo in Kashmir. In the month of August, saffron seeds were sown in wooden trays using aerophonic technique and the saffron crop was ready in the month of November.

Saffron cultivation costs Rs 25 lakh
Shubha Bhatnagar says that it costs her about Rs 25 lakh to cultivate saffron. She will not export saffron outside. There is a huge shortage of saffron production in our country. His first goal is to complete it. Shubha Bhatnagar says that this successful cultivation of saffron will also provide employment to many rural women.

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