A hydroponics greenhouse project has been installed by the Hampden/ Lowlands/ Auchenskeoch Community Council. The community council will supervise the greenhouse produce, which includes celery, chives, lettuce, and kale, first harvested in August 2023.

Speaking at the commissioning at the multi-purpose facility nearby, the president of the council, Lyndy-Anne Parks, said she was grateful to Habitat for Humanity for what she referred to as “planting that seed.”

“I really want to thank you for planting that seed – a memorandum of understanding was signed with the organization to have projects such as these done. It started there, and the process from there on has been one of collaboration – collaboration with the Tobago House of Assembly.

“The process would have gone on seeking approvals and so on from the THA and then, of course, getting things started. Having the sod turning and then from the sod turning, we had the construction of the greenhouse.”

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