In a world where land mass is fast becoming crowded with development and industrialization, the agricultural industry has to find ways to become more efficient and yet be productive in their approach.

As a Malaysian farm that practices vertical farming in greenhouses, Cultiveat Group Sdn Bhd offers a smart and sustainable choice to get fresh quality vegetables. It took part in the recently launched ESG Positive Impact Awards (ESG PIA) 2023 as a Marketplace participant, showcasing its produce to guests during the event, which was held on Oct 31 at Menara Star, Petaling Jaya.

Cultiveat was the brainchild of brothers John-Hans Oei and John-Ian Oei, who originally owned a business that serviced restaurants with their organic waste converter. The brothers had segued into traditional farming to utilize the resulting byproduct: organic compost. These farms faced problems with pests and unpredictable weather.

In searching for a solution, they later collaborated with developers from a plant cartridge technology, and after two years of research and development, Cultiveat was born. As a sustainable farm, its produce is grown in biodegradable cartridges that sit in reusable trays and incorporate eco-friendly features and practices.