Nicholas Wee, 41, and Kevin Chng, 45, are the founders of Tasty Green, a vertical farm out of Singapore. Previously, Nicholas, with a background in landscaping, worked with the Singapore Land Authority, where he would visit traditional farms to see how things could be improved. However, during the Covid-19 period, he found himself drawn to the world of farming.

Whereas for Kevin, he comes from a long line of families who have been vegetable sellers for the last four decades. Both of them wanted to offer something different from the traditional ways of selling vegetables, leading to the inception of Tasty Greens in April 2021.

Despite servicing clients such as hotels, supermarkets, and cafes, Kevin mentioned that the majority of Tasty Greens' sales, comprising 85 to 90 percent, come from direct customers through online orders, farmers' markets, and residents living near the farm.

"We have also received support from the Singapore Food Agency, where we participate in their programs such as the Farmers' Market," Kevin explained, emphasizing how these initiatives enhance visibility within the local community.