Bluelab has unveiled the latest upgrades to its controller product lineup at the MJBIZ Con 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bluelab pH Controller, Pro Controller, and IntelliDose Controller are now compatible with the Edenic software. This new development brings Wi-Fi connectivity for the pH Controller and Pro Controller and integrates the IntelliDose Controller into Edenic software for the first time.

Commercial customers and home growers alike can now make more time to grow by automating control of their pH and nutrients anytime, anywhere. The IntelliDose adds irrigation capability and connects to Edenic through the IntelliLink.

Real-time access to crop health
Users can now access real-time data and control their systems remotely using smartphones, tablets, or computers through the Edenic Software platform. This seamless connectivity empowers growers to monitor and adjust critical parameters from anywhere, ensuring a consistent and thriving crop.

Instant alarm alerts to devices
Growers can configure customizable alerts and notifications through the Edenic Software, enabling rapid response to any deviations or issues in their cultivation environment.

Precise measurements and dosing
Accurate and consistent measurements of pH, Temperature, and Conductivity (EC).

Remote control
Growers can control their growing environment from anywhere, anytime, including changing settings.

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