A group of biotechnology graduates from Hong Kong has come up with a novel idea to capture carbon that can help slow down the impact of climate change.

Having come across microalgae and its immense carbon capture storage properties during a class on entrepreneurship in biotechnology in their final year at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2021, they went on to launch AlGreen. Now, the start-up is seeking to commercialize its solution.

“We have worked hard to design and manufacture scalable products from our laboratory in Hong Kong Science Park,” said Rehaan Lulla, co-founder and chief technology officer. “Now we’re looking at what we can do with the algae itself and how we can use algae to make commercial products.”

AlGreen was admitted to the HKSTP incubation program in May 2022. It has received HK$420,000 (US$53,900) in funding after passing three milestone assessments.

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